De Vloek van Columbus


De boeken van Noam Chomsky zelf staan in de noten op de volgende wijze afgekort:

APNM  =  American Power and the New Mandarins
At War with Asia
COT  =
Culture of Terrorism
DD  =
Deterring Democracy
FRS  =
For Reasons of State
FTR  =
The Fateful Triangle
MC  =
Manufacturing Consent
NI  =
Necessary Illusions
P&E  =
Pirates and Emperors
Political Economy and Human Rights
PI  = On Power and Ideology
PPV  = Pentagon Papers
RC  = Rethinking Camelot
TNCW  = Towards a New Cold War
TTT  =
Turning the Tide

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Periodicals / News Organizations

AP  =  Associated Press
BG  =
Boston Globe
BMJ  =
British Medical Journal
BW  =
Business Week
Central America Historical Institute
Central America Newspak
CAR  =
Central America Report
Catholic Institute of International Relations
P&E  =
Council on Hemispheric Affairs
CSM  =
Christian Science Monitor
 = Chicago Tribune
FEER  = Far Eastern Economic Review
FT  = Financial Times
G&M  = Toronto Globe and Mail
IHT  =
International Herald Tribune
 = Inter Press Service
LANU  = Latin America News Update
LAT  = Los Angeles Times
MH  =  Miami Herald
NCR  = National Catholic Reporter
NR  = The New Republic
NYRB  = The New York Review of Books
NYT  = The New York Times
SFC  = San Francisco Chronicle
SFE  = San Francisco Examiner
WOLA  = Washington Office on Latin America
WP  = The Washington Post
WP-MG  = Washington Post-Manchester Guardian Weekly
WSJ  = The Wall Street Journal